Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Disruption in Business Environments: A Framework and Case Evidence
M S S El Namaki (pp. 1-7)
Keywords: Functional Disruption, Generic Disruption, Business Environment, Strategic Management, WeChat, Artificial Intelligence
Type: Conceptual Paper
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Tesla Motors: A Potentially Disruptive Force in a Mature Industry
Nicholas Ingram (pp. 7-21)
Keywords: Disruptive Force, Automotive Industry, Tesla Motors, Electric Vehicles, Competition, Strategic Management
Type: Case Study
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The Impact of Gender Differences on Adoption of Information Technology and Related Responses: A Review
Abubaker Shaouf and Omar Altaqqi (pp. 22-41)
Keywords: Gender Difference, Gender Gap, Information Technology, e-Commerce, Online Shopping, Buying Decision, Trust, Information Processing
Type: General Review
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